Brunnera Alexandria

An easy care, beautiful variety that displays mirror-silver shining foliage that lights up a shade garden. Unique silver-toned, heart-shaped leaves help accentuate its showy sky blue blossoms.

Botanical NameBrunnera macrophylla
Common Name‘Alexandria’
Key FeaturesSilvery foliage with deep green veins matures to huge, ghostly iridescent leaves on this stunning shade perennial. Emerging foliage provides a dramatic background for delicate blue flowers in spring. Brightens shady areas in borders or woodland settings and works well as a groundcover.
SizeGrows to 40cm high x 75cm wide.
PositionA very hardy plant which prefers shade but will tolerate some dappled light. Frost hardy, dormant in winter.
DescriptionBaby blue, forget-me-not type blossoms are held in clusters above the shimmering foliage in spring and early summer.
Cultural NotesThis Plant loves shaded areas. Grows best in a fertile, humus-rich, moist, but well-drained soil.
Landscape IdeasA spectacular plant for containers, borders, rockeries, garden beds, lining garden beds or pathways.
Water RequirementsLow – Medium